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    Dr.A.V.Anoop is a keen proponent of Ayurveda and has conducted several Seminars & Symposiums to propagate Ayurveda. He has documented and preserved the proceedings from people of eminence in Ayurveda for posterity.

    The in-house state of the art Research & Development Facility and Testing Laboratory of AVA Group is bestowed with Recognition by the Ministry of Science & Technology, Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Government of India.

    In furthering the cause of Ayurveda, he has taken on a very Unique Project named “Sanjeevanam” in which Total Health Solutions (viz. Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Yoga) under one roof are provided for the benefit of humanity. They offer specialised treatment based on Ayurvedic & Naturopathic principles. At Sanjeevanam, Ayurveda is a way of life. Through its four divisions, treatment, beauty, restaurant and nature store, the principles of Ayurveda are reaffirmed every day. The Ayurvedic concepts are holistically present in all the areas, promoting wholesome health, physical goodness, enhanced lifestyle and happiness.