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    • Dr. A.V Anoop signed a MOU with Mr. J Mohanasundaram, Dean, Govt. General Hospital, Chennai during the launch of ‘quick service programme’ to take care of its ‘unknown’ trauma ward patients.
    • Dr. A.V Anoop has been elected as the Chairman of ‘Confederation of All India Rail Users Association’, National Committee.
    • JYOTHIRGAMAYA, 3 LAKH MEGA EYE DONATION CAMPAIGN was undertaken under his chairmanship by WMC Chennai Province and Media Arts, both Social Organisations which by its culminating day on 29 March 2004 achieved the donation of 3, 19, 952 Eyes from 20 contiguous Panchayats of Mannathoor in Ernakulam District of Kerala. This has been entered a “WORLD RECORD” by LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS.
    • WMC Chennai Province, under the guidance & leadership of A.V.Anoop has taken upon itself an extremely noble project. There are scores of Unclaimed, Unidentified Dead bodies lying in the mortuary of Government General Hospital Chennai. They too have been Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, Sisters to some one, to accord decent final burial to these bodies. This is a continuous ongoing task as the number of such bodies in the hospital keep accumulating due to accidents and other factors.
    • Organizer:  International Congress Ayurveda 2000 (ICA 2000). It drew over 2500 delegates from many countries and was the First of its kind in India so much so that LIMCA book of records is in the process of entering it as one.
    • Organizer:  One-day seminar held at Bangalore on 19 Nov 2000 The proceedings of which were documented and kept preserved for posterity. Sponsor: Chandra Academy run by Former National Table Tennis Champion Chandrsekhar. Served as Judge & Panelist: The Film Fans Association, Chennai General Convenor of All India Malayalee Sangamam (A two day mega-event conducted by FAIMA at New Delhi’s Pragati Maidan in December 1999 which was attended by over 5000 delegates from all over India.) General Convenor: All India Malayalee Sangamam to be held in Dec 2001, at Trissur.