With a Noble Vision for Philanthropic activities, AVA CHARITABLE TRUST was formed in the Year 2007. The Objectives of the Trust was to assist individuals in Health, Education and NGO’s serving social oriented projects.


Government General Hospital (GH):
  • Every day in GH so many patients are admitted without a person for assistance. Most of the cases shall be accident or someone leaving the patient at GH and going off.
  • A Program to care of Trauma patients in the General Ward was taken up in the “Quick Service Program” and a Memorandum of Association was signed with GH, Chennai in the year 2010.
  • The program is through “Accident and Death Care Cell”, a non-governmental organization, which provides assistance to accident and death cases.
  • In the program six persons are provided at General Ward, GH who is working in three shifts to take care of the unknown patients. It include emergency services like taking care of the immediate medical assistance like X-ray, Scanning etc and also include collecting and providing the information to their dear and near ones of the patients.
  • In a year the expense works to Rs.5lakh.
Unidentified Dead-Bodies:
  • There are large numbers of Unidentified and Unclaimed Dead Bodies lying in the Mortuary of Government General Hospital for months together.
  • Was instrumental in taking-up a noble project of according Decent Final right to Disposal of the Unidentified Dead Bodies by following the various procedures.
Medical Camp & Blood Donation Camp:
  • Has actively assisting for various Medical Camp and Blood Donations camps in and around Chennai.
Heart Surgeries:
  • On a yearly basis financial assistance for Heart surgery is provided to Frontier Life Line Hospital Chennai, MIOT Hospital Chennai, and Jubilee Mission Hospitals Thrissur, Kerala.
KJ Hospital:
  • There is significant increase in Heart related problem among the Children.
  • The treatment involves usage of latest equipments to improve the success rate.
  • Foreign Medical equipments worth Rs.10 Lakhs for testing Peadiatric Heart cases were provided to Department of Neo Natal, K.J.Hospital, Chennai to be utilized for the treatment of Children.
  • Financial assistance has been provided to talented students in the Education sector which the backbone of a robust economy. Till date full financial has been provided to more than 100 students who have excelled in education in Engineering, Marine Engineering, MBA, Hotel Management, Arts & Science, & Schooling.


  • In 2006, Mr.Komalan a Constable in Railway Protection Force lost both of his legs during a rail accident at Chennai.
  • Personally when understanding the plight and need for reducing the physical disability, I had initiated an action plan to support with Artificial Legs from the Malayalee Community in Chennai.
  • The pair of most modern artificial legs at a cost more than Rs.3 lakhs was provided. Today Mr.Komalan can manage his day to day activities without any assistance.
Ms.Soumya horrifying accident Case Kerala (Feb’2011):
  • The First financial help was given to the family of Ms.Soumya who met with most unfortunate incident during the Train Journey from Ernakulam to Shornur Passenger Train.
World Vision Contribution:
  • Has successfully contributed for the upbringing of a child from World Vision. Delighted that the child has grown and has got a secured job.
  • Presently the Sponsorship is extended to two more children from World Vision.
Prathyasha Foundation:
  • A charitable organization working towards the differently able brethrens has been assisted with financial assistance.
  • Self employability related assistance has been provided like Sewing machine distribution etc.
Jubilee Mission Hospital:
  • Renal failure has been a growing problem and the cost for dialysis is on a higher side due to the frequency of dialysis to be done.
  • Understanding the requirement Free dialysis was provided to the patients of Jubilee Mission Hospital, Thrissur.